The Tour was created by Bespoke Comedy and ISS with fab sponsorship from Bombardier!
Top notch comedy… on your doorstep!

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the tour
funniest fokker

A quick word from our Sponsors!

Well, actually it’s a quick word from us to say a very big thank you to everyone who has helped made this Tour such a roaring success!
Bombardier Beer for being our main sponsor and lending us their lovely tour bus… and for their damn tasty beer. Bang On! Huzzah!
3663 foods – more than just a pretty sandwich!
Red Bull – for keeping us awake on those long, long journeys!
Under Armor – for all their sporty stuff, and donating some gear to some of the sportier comedians and audience members.
El Coto – for incentivising (is that a word?) the bases and creating a lovely holiday as a prize.
ISS – The whole team at ISS are a blast to work with and their teams on every site are a damn joy to work with!
Bespoke Comedy – Wove the strands together to make the tour a very funny thing in all the right ways
And last but by no means least the rather delightful tailoring of Rupert The Tailors courtesy of Rupert Bowling who keeps our hosts in the very finest threads and has offered a hearty discount to audiences across the land!
Funny Fokkers salutes you ALL!

A real pick me up!
Matt, Wells & Young
Wow! This is SO Social!
Tom B, ISS
Please look after my bus!
Andy, Wells & Young
I’m super looking forward to this!
Chris, Bespoke
I can’t begin to express my delight!
Dougal, RAF Wittering
You’ve changed my life, you had me at Fokker.
Wendy, RAF Valley